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Welcome to Flatbacks! If you’re in the market for the safest professional wrestling training, then you’ve come to the right place.  The school is owned and operated by Ronnie Arneill (Shawn Spears/Tye Dillinger) and Matthew Clement (Tyler Breeze).


Over the course of 8 weeks, you will learn all the basic fundamentals required to begin your journey in professional wrestling. Hands on learning with over 35 years of experience. You will learn the safest and proper techniques and the first time you try anything will be with professionals.  Following the 8 week course, you will be given an honest evaluation and can continue to be in contact with our trainers for match or promo feedback. Our Trainers also have contacts all over the world for helping get you work wherever your passion takes you.  If you’re interested in learning from the best, contact us and apply today!




Matt Clement

Matt Clement is best known as playing Tyler Breeze for 11 years with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) as well as being a Regular on UpUpDownDown. He has competed on NXT, Raw, Smackdown, Takeovers , and Wrestlemania. He has a vast knowledge on the importance of creating value outside of the ring.

Ronnie Arneill

Ronnie Arneill, with 20 years of high level experience, has wrestled for the biggest wrestling companies in the world as “The Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and is currently with All Elite Wrestling (AEW) under the name Shawn Spears.



January 8 - March 1 (IN SESSION)
March 18 - May 10 (Accepting Applications)
May 27 - July 19 (Accepting Applications)
August 5 - September 27 (Accepting Applications)
October 14 - December 6 
(Accepting Applications)

Accepting Applications Now



Training Course  



 Training Course  



and valet

 Training Course  

Winning Match

Match Critique
Now Available

Are you an established wrestler who is wanting critique and feedback on your current work ? 

Have you been working shows independently and wanting to find what is “missing” to help take you to the next level. 

In person training isn’t always accessible for everyone, so we are now providing online coaching for those who haven’t yet attended the physical course.

- Match Psychology
- In Ring Performance 
- Technique 
- Character Development 
- Fine Tuning Fundamentals 

Whether you are just beginning or at an advanced level , Breeze and Spears will work with you online with comprehensive coaching and breakdown of your current work to help you achieve your goals. 

Maybe you’re one step away from turning your passion into your full time career and we want to help you get there !

Wooden Toy Houses

Student Housing
Now Available

8 Rooms available with 2 locations is available through Flatbacks Wrestling School. Located 10 minutes from the school itself, it is near a variety of options for food and shopping. The home will be for Flatbacks Students ONLY. The home includes:

- All kitchen appliances including dishwater and microwave.

- Washer and Dryer in each unit

- Linens, Towels and Kitchenware

- TV's

If interested, please state so when applying for your class.

Crossfit Rowing Machines

Personal Training

Now Available!
Only available to students participating in the Flatbacks Course.

- 8 group training sessions per course. You’ll be trained by a former IFBB pro Every Wednesday at a time designated by the Trainer.

- Basic and Advanced training fundamentals with emphasis on functional training, hydration and long term body care.

- Ongoing Tips and suggestions regarding training and diet.


- Extra 1 on 1 sessions.
- Full diet/meal plan
- gym memberships (not required)

If interested, please inquire when submitting your application.

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Thanks for submitting!



 Big E

I couldn’t imagine learning how to become a successful professional wrestler from a better duo. Matt and Ronnie have been a wealth of knowledge for their peers in the biggest wrestling company in the world. They not only know what it takes to construct a great match but they understand how to build an unforgettable character, and develop a unique connection with crowds around the world. Moreover, they bring an enthusiasm and passion for their craft that makes learning rewarding and fun

The Usos

We been in the ring plenty of times with (Breezy). We been in the ring only one time with (10).We tell you this!!!... BOTH KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TO DO IN THAT RING!!Hands down. Uces for life! In and out of that ring!

Dax Harwood

Two of the very best in-ring performers I’ve ever been associated with. @MmmGorgeous & @Perfec10n pairing together to coach aspiring professional wrestlers is a huge win for our industry

Cash Wheeler

Two of the very best I’ve ever had the privilege of sharing a ring with. @MmmGorgeous and @Perfec10n have so much to offer and teach about pro wrestling. If you’re looking to learn, definitely give these guys your time.

 Peyton Royce/ Cassie Lee

I feel so lucky that I’ve had the opportunity to work so closely with Ronnie and Matt for the last 4 years in WWE. The knowledge I’ve been able to gain from them, which stems from their extensive in ring experience combined with a hands on approach to coaching is invaluable to me.

Undoubtedly, I would not be where I am today without their guidance and support which I am beyond grateful for. Literally, my dreams have come true and it has so much to do with them because of the time they’ve taken to work with me. Individually, their talent, charisma and minds fo the business are envious to any serious professional wrestler. However together, they are on a whole other level. Their patient to coach beginners, knowledge to challenge intermediates and experience to help take advanced talent to the next level is incredible.

They’re actual wizards at what they do. Any chance I can get to pick their brain I take in a heartbeat. I will forever be thankful for their time, energy and the passion they exude for a business that I have loved my whole life. I would highly recommend and encourage anyone who is looking to pursue a career in pro wrestling/entertainment to seek out the expertise of Ronnie and Matt. It’s nothing short of magical to be able to share a ring with them.

Eric Young

Here’s what I know.....

If you want to be a pro, get trained by the pros. You want to be respected and trusted? Be shown the craft by two men that have both of these things in spades.
It has often been said about Shawn Spears and Tyler Breeze that they are your favorite wrestlers favorite wrestlers! Two guys that have always done it the right way and earned it all. They have nothing but respect and admiration of their peers based on work ethic and how they are as people. As a man and a performer that has ran a wrestling school and a pretty successful one I may add, (see Shawn Spears trained by yours truly) I know what it takes to train professionals.
If you want proper training and a real shot to make your dreams a reality, then seek the best and be shown this amazing world of professional wrestling by two absolute pros who are great guys and above all else, absolute professionals.

Billie Kay/Jess McKay

I’ve known Ronnie and Matt professionally for over four years and their support and guidance that they have shared with me has been incredibly beneficial to my career.

With their combined years of experience and exposure to the business, Ronnie and Matt are the perfect coaches for anyone to begin their craft or improve it under their tutelage.

Timmy Baltimore

So, you wanna be in the wrestling business?

You’re going to need an indomitable spirit, an unbridled passion, a wild imagination, an unwavering work ethic, and more than a little bit of luck. Assuming you possess all of these qualities, you gotta learn to drive before your first high speed chase. You are going to need proper training.
FLATBACKS provides everything any individual who possesses “the wrestling dream” could ever want and will ever need in a premier Sports Entertainment training facility and institution. The facilities, the staff, the program are all geared toward the sole purpose of providing FLATBACKS students the tools he or she will need to become successful on any and every level of the wrestling business.

Owned and operated by Tyler Breeze and Tye Dillinger of WWE Fame; rarely if ever in recent memory, will one find a coaching staff with the big league pedigree of FLATBACKS. Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, you will likely not encounter a team more fair and forthright in regards to their students than Matt and Ronnie. wanna be in the Wrestling Business? then do yourself a your family a your wrestling dream a favor of inquiring if a quality place run by the highest quality of person and performer is the right fit for you.

Kofi Kingston

I was very excited to hear that Matt and Ronnie were opening a school! I’ve known them both for a very long time and not only are they two of the more experienced and knowledgeable individuals I’ve crossed paths with in the wrestling industry, but more importantly, they are both great teachers.

I can speak firsthand to the passion they have for the wrestling business. Between the two of them, Flatbacks will undoubtedly be a premier school to train at for those who want to become great wrestlers and develop a true understanding of the business.
- Kofi Kingston

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